#1 Reason For Choosing this Langley Gym

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Your environment shapes you. It’s the #1 reason anyone seeking to improve their health and fitness should come to our Langley gym.


Because the hardest thing is getting yourself there.

Once you show up, you don’t even have to worry about working hard, it just happens because of the energy and atmosphere.

If you are trying to get healthy, you need to get yourself in the right environment.

I don’t think there is any better environment than that of a functional fitness facility that focusses on group training with a proven track record of getting people results.

It’s why we’ve been voted Langley’s best gym for the past 8 years.

It’s our community, it’s our culture, it’s our environment.

If you put yourself in a positive environment, it amplifies your rate of success.

Think about it this way… Let’s say you don’t want to eat pizza on the weekend…
It’s easy enough to do if you are in a positive and healthy environment, but let’s say you go to a party and they are offering up free pizza, you are going to have to use some major will power to say no.

If you want to leave more will power for the times when you really need it, then put yourself in a positive environment.

We have free coffee for members on our Starbuck Social Saturdays. I was adamant with Starbucks and our staff that I did not want to serve sugar to you guys with your coffee.


Because this is a safe and positive environment where you should not have to make those choices and use your will power to say no. It’s not even an option. If you want sugar in your coffee, bring your own, but just know that you don’t need it and it is not moving the needle forward for you and your weight loss goals.

The environment is why:

  • working out at home never lasts
  • working out at a gym on a machines never lasts
  • working out alone never lasts

A rising tide lifts all boats and the tide is always rising at BEFIT.

We’d love for you to jump on in or continue to ride that wave as we’re committed to maintaining this magical environment  coached by fun, positive, and professional personal trainers.

It’s what we do.

Josh Saunders

P.s. In an effort to consistently move the needle on your experience with us at BEFIT, we have created the BEFIT Bulletin Board on Facebook, a resource for the BEFIT community to discover, share and connect with all the great people, business, places and things in Langley.

langley gym, langley bootcamp